NASH Standard - Residential and Low-rise Steel Framing, Part 2: Design Solutions and associated Span Tables and the NASH Standard - Steel Framed Construction in Bushfire Areas  are referenced in NCC 2015  which comes into force in May 2015.     Download the order form here. 

Welcome to the website of the National Association of Steel-Framed Housing - called "NASH" throughout the site. 

NASH was formed in 1982, initially to represent the interests of the fabricators of steel framing systems for housing. Since then, our scope has expanded to include all forms of low-rise steel framed construction. Today our members include specialist steel frame builders as well as suppliers of products and services to the industry.

Whatever your interest in steel-framed construction - as a homeowner, trade contractor, builder, designer or developer - we trust you will find answers to your questions here, or clues to where else to look.

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We welcome your feedback and enquiries on anything related to residential and low-rise steel framed construction.

Light, strong steel frames . . . . the ultimate framing system.

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Features Steel frame Bushfire test - 10th June 2010
Website featuring video clips, tips, techniques and tools used in steel framing.
Initial report on steel framed and clad building subject to real bushfire attack by CSIRO
Footage of NASH bushfire test

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