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The National Association of Steel-Framed Housing (NASH)

NASH represents the interests of steel frame fabricators for housing and low-rise framed construction, their customers and suppliers. Our members include specialist steel frame fabricators, builders as well as suppliers of products and services to the industry.



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    NASH Bushfire Standard public consultation draft - NOW CLOSED FOR COMMENT 

    Following feedback from NASH members and the construction industry, the NASH Bushfire Standard Committee has prepared a Public Consultation Draft of the proposed revision to the Standard.

    The changes in the proposed revision include the following:

    • New specification for non-habitable Class 10a private garages and sheds

    • Compliance path for AS 1530.8.1 tested systems

    • Revised service ducting specifications

    • Exclusion of roofspace storage

    • Tiled roof option up to BAL-40

    • Addition of concrete and AAC wall options

    • Skylight and roof window specifications

    • New options for thermal shield for BAL-FZ walls and for gable ends

    The NASH Bushfire Standard 2020 – Public Consultation Draft and Comment Form can be downloaded. Please use the Comment Form for your feedback and email to standards@nash.asn.au.

    The Public Consultation and comment period has now closed.