Mission & Activities

NASH mission:
To grow and sustain the light structural
steel framing industry in Australia.

Key Activities

• Industry growth and development
• Identify opportunities and obstacles to the growth of the industry
• Assist members to maximise opportunities for the industry
• Overcome industry obstacles through focussed research and effective communication
• Promote and encourage technical improvement of steel framing products and systems
• Support the development of industry capacity and infrastructure in line with customer need
• Increase the number of builders conversant with steel framing
• Facilitate the training of sufficient trades people in steel framing skills.


• To develop and maintain an active membership base representative of the steel framing industry
• Provide vigorous and effective member services so that many non-members wish to join and few members wish to leave.
• Ensure members conform to acceptable standards of business conduct
• Keep members informed of external and internal developments pertinent to the industry
• Provide a forum for exchanging information and acquiring technical and business expertise
• Provide opportunities for members to showcase their products and services.


• Act as an effective collective voice of the industry on regulatory, technical and social issues affecting the industry
• Vigorously represent industry views in regulatory and standards forums
• Join networks and form alliances with like-minded organisations.


• Disseminate factual information on steel framing and related issues to the public, designers, specifiers, builders and approval bodies
• Keep members informed of external and internal developments pertinent to the industry
• Maintain and develop an advisory service to the public
• Promote steel framing generically and responsibly.