SA Steel Frame Installer Traineeship

Steel can provide superior quality,
safety and security to your building
or dwelling.

South Australian Steel Frame Installer Traineeship

Industry Endorsed Course -Course Overview

The South Australian Steel Frame Installer Traineeship consists of the Certificate II in Construction and industry endorsed non-accredited training.

The Steel Frame Installer – Industry Endorsed non-accredited training defines the knowledge and performance outcomes required to safely and competently assist in the installation of light gauge steel frames.

Pitched at candidates in the Certificate II in Construction, this course covers the following modules:

1. Safety – Steel Component

2. Introduction to Building with Steel (Frames)

3. Tools & Equipment

4. Fasteners and Accessories

5. Frame Components

6. Read and Interpret Steel Frame Plans (Basic)

7. Factory Assembly of Frames

8. Site Assembly of Premanufactured Frames

9. Forces that Act on a Structure.

A significant component of the course is on-the-job training.

Approved Organisations

A full course outline including references to appropriate resources and assessment will be provided.

Specific Pre-Requisites

1. Employers including Group Training Organisations seeking access for their employees to this training course must currently be working / involved in the Steel Frame building industry.

2. Registered Training Organisation’s seeking to deliver this traineeship must have undertaken the endorsed industry professional development in Steel Frame Installation Course.

3. Trainees will be required to have access to steel frame construction sites for their practical experience and assessment of competence.

Link to South Australian Government Traineeship & Apprenticeship Schedule (TAPS)

The South Australian Traineeship and Apprenticeship Pathways Schedule is a list of qualifications that can be undertaken as either an apprenticeship or traineeship in South Australia. The schedule can be found at under Traineeship and Apprenticeship Pathways Schedule.

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Course Duration

192 Hours