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NASH News October 2019

Please find attached our latest NASH Newsletter covering the recent NASH National Engineering Workshop. The theme of the workshop was ‘Steeling the future’ and topics covered included:

  • Update on NASH Standards and Handbooks
  • Practical bracing design
  • Design of large residences with cold-formed steel
  • Cross bracing testing and results
  • Design of studs with service holes
  • Building in steel NZ
  • Top storey steel design for fire
  •  Fire design of studs
  • Thermal performance of walls ’Australian Technical Evaluation Network
  • Comparison between advanced analysis, testing and AS/NZS 4600 for wall studs
  • Holding down your roof battens
  • Designing and installing masonry anchors
  • Integration into structural steel
  • Application of THE THIN-WALL-2 program for analyses and design of cold-formed
  • Efficient 3D structural modelling


NASH News October 2018

 This edition covers the recent NASH National Industry Workshop held in August 2018. The theme of the workshop was “Challenges for Growth” and topics covered included:

  •  Market outlook
  •  Box gutter detailing
  •  North American perspective
  •  Transport challenges
  •  Chain of responsibility
  •  Site challenges
  •  Regulatory challenges
  •  Case studies
  •  HIA perspective
  •  New NASH Handbook – Design Solutions for Fire Resistance and Sound Insulation: Part 1
  •  Truecore growth
  •  Training

NASH News August 2017

Featuring 2 day Engineers Workshop held at Queensland University Technology (QUT) Fire and Wind Lab in Banyo


Special NASH News November 2015

This Special Edition NASH News covers the National Engineering Workshop held in Melbourne in July 2015. 

NASH News June 2015

  • Benefits of new NASH Standards
  • Steel Doors Frames - Nothing to Burn
  • Updated NASH Technical Note 2 - Energy Efficiency Measure for Houses
  • New NASH Technical Note 4 - Establishing Design Values by Testing
  • Latest Industry News


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