Questions you should ask your builder

Steel can provide superior quality,
safety and security to your building
or dwelling.

•        Although the finished home is your domain, building it is the builder's territory.  Builders may get defensive if their preferred and familiar methods are challenged without reason.

•        If this happens, remember that it's your money and you want to make sure it's spent wisely, now and on essential maintenance over the long life of the home.

•        You will be living with construction decisions long after the builder is physically, legally and financially out of the picture.

•        The basic questions:

  • how much will the termite management system cost now?
  • how long will it last?
  • how should it be maintained?
  • how will I know if it isn't working?
  • where will I stand if termites do get in and cause damage?

•        Ask your builder to propose several alternative termite management systems for your project.  Make sure that at least one option includes termite resistant materials.

•        Ask your builder to provide written evidence that each system offered is appropriate for the locality, site and type of building.  Ask your builder to itemise and explain the precautions, inspections, exclusions and any retreatment requirements.

•        Finally, ask your builder to calculate the lifetime cost of each termite management system offered, or to extend a lifetime warranty on the structural elements.