Rules and Regulations

Steel can provide superior quality,
safety and security to your building
or dwelling.

•        Home building is subject to many rules and regulations including some which deal with management of termites.

•        The national code is called the National Construction Code (NCC).  It is published by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB).  Its members include representatives of all state governments, building research experts and industry representatives.

•        The NCC stipulates that where a home is subject to termite attack, as determined by the Building Authority, it must be constructed with:

•        A termite management system complying with AS3660, or

•        All its primary building elements made from termite-resistant materials.

•        Each state has agreed to apply the NCC by legislation, but some of the NCC provisions differ between states to suit specific local conditions or technical opinion - these are called "state variations".

•        For example, the definition of "structural member" in Queensland includes some secondary building components.

•        Each state can also change the way it applies the NCC provisions, or impose its own additional requirements.

•        Just because there are rules doesn't mean you can't ask questions and get satisfactory answers and assurances.  It's your money, so don't spend more to get less!