The Customary Approach - Seal the Termites Out

Steel can provide superior quality,
safety and security to your building
or dwelling.

•        The problem with sealing them out is that you can't, absolutely.  Somewhere, somehow, they will get in - to your home or one just like it.

•        With sealing them out you are aiming to set up obstacles to termite entry - to kill, deter or divert them or to make their activity visible and treatable.

•        A wide range of alternatives is available but in practice not all will suit your home's design and your builder may not offer all of them.

•        Chemical barrier treatments can be applied underneath or around a concrete slab, but allowable chemicals are now limited to products which have no proven long-term effectiveness.

•        Previously approved chemicals were highly toxic to both termites and humans and that led to lower than recommended dosage rates which still worked.  When this happens with newer chemicals, ineffective protection can result.

•        Some chemical systems include a reticulation system - a network of pipes under or around the slab through which the chemical protection can be periodically "topped up".

•        Physical barriers usually use the concrete slab as the primary barrier, with mechanical barriers such as stainless steel mesh (eg Termimesh) or graded stone (eg Granitgard) around the perimeter.

•        All proprietary systems must be carefully installed by experienced operators.  They must supply documentation on what has been installed, where it has been placed and how it should be maintained.

•        Regular inspection for termite activity is good practice, but it is critical with barrier systems because the consequences of failure could be severe!

•        If the installed system does let termites through, your builder may in some circumstances be liable for repairs under a statutory warranty.  The length and terms of these warranties vary from state to state.

•        Extensions (at ground level) present particular challenges for physical and chemical barrier systems.  It may be difficult to determine what form of barrier is in place around the existing foundation and how best to integrate it with the new system while protecting the barrier system in the original construction.